Target Risk partners up with the strongest players in tech and insurance

Target Risk was founded by dedicated lovers of both: Insurance industry and high technology. We will always appreciate both sides of our business without over emphasizing one or another. We believe that only understanding and embracing our customers will lead to success and long term growth.

Our culture is extremly data driven. Data means to us a chance to find out, what is really going on. In data we observe the reality. We don’t believe in our assumptions. If we don’t know yet, we take an initial hypothesis, build, test and learn again. We do that faster than anybody else. This makes Target Risk an extraordanary strong company.

We will never sacrifice the long term good of the company for a short term show of numbers. Our investors are our partners. Like a good partner they give as meaningful feedback and accompany our way to a very efficient and still people loving world. People will always matter to us. Results will always count.