A highly data driven, fast learning company that delivers value to its customers

Target Risk is boosting commercial insurance sales with the relevant risk data. With Target Risk insurers either double their sales with the same absolute costs or just lower their costs to 15%. And: average customer acquisition costs in commercial insurance are 30% of the insurance premium these days!

Have your sales people ever dreamt of being the risk experts for every business? Target Risk empowers insurance sales by providing relevant risk data to them on expert level – even before they approach a customer for the first time. With +80% accuracy your sales force will see the risk premium and commission upfront.

Brokers & Insurers

One of the most serious industries in the world

When we at Target Risk talk about the insurance industry, we talk about one of the most reliable and important industries in the world. In Germany 6% of the GDP is produced by the insurance industry. In the world it is an industry of roughly 4,000 bn Euros. We believe that insurance is one of the most essential goods consumers and companies need to buy to achieve their goals in life or in business.

We will always embrace every single insurance employee and every insurance sales person. They do outstanding work. There is about 228,000 insurance sales agents just in Germany. This is more than registered doctors. The insurance brokers and sales agents produce 200 bn Euros in revenue. We call that succesful!

Target Risk’s goal is to support the industry with the right tools and the right data. With an aging insurance workforce, higher customer demands and every year more regulation there is a necessity to do so.

But how do we do that?

Target Risk knows how important data for insurance is. We provide insurance brokers and sales agents with the relevant risk data.


„My customers are professionals and they highly appreciate when I am prepared in meetings. Target Risk is a very good service for insurance data of commercial customers.“ – Philip Kretschmer


Target Risk partners up with the strongest players in tech and insurance

Target Risk was founded by dedicated lovers of both: Insurance industry and high technology. We will always appreciate both sides of our business without over emphasizing one or another. We believe that only understanding and embracing our customers will lead to success and long term growth.

Our culture is extremly data driven. Data means to us a chance to find out, what is really going on. In data we observe the reality. We don’t believe in our assumptions. If we don’t know yet, we take an initial hypothesis, build, test and learn again. We do that faster than anybody else. This makes Target Risk an extraordanary strong company.

We will never sacrifice the long term good of the company for a short term show of numbers. Our investors are our partners. Like a good partner they give as meaningful feedback and accompany our way to a very efficient and still people loving world. People will always matter to us. Results will always count.


Target risk was founded by dedicated lovers of the insurance business. We strongly want to support insurance sales with extraordinary solutions. At the same time we believe, that insurance companies will profit from structured data at the beginning of the process.

Dr. Benedikt Laudage

Founder and CEO – visionary and focuses on insurance 10-yr of insurance industry experience:

Former head of digital with top-10 german insurance group and former head of car insurance claims with top-4 german car insurer.
Extensive management and leadership experience, Insead-TGM-Alumni PhD in insurance supervisory law at FU Berlin, studied at Bucerius Law School.

Asmelash Teka Hadgu

Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist – Solves large scale real world problems using data science for social good.

8-yr of research experience in data mining, machine learning and information retrieval.
Developed Sover! a system to monitor real-time dynamic events via Twitter and other social media platforms. He has gained real-world research experience at research institutions such as Yahoo! and IBM.
Did an Erasmus Mundus Masters on Data Mining and Knowledge Management (Lyon, Bucharest, Barcelona). He is currently a PhD candidate at the L3S research center (expected Feb 19) where he applies machine learning for data on the web.

Antonio Agudo

Co-Founder and CTO – delivers outstanding software for decades

Serial entrepreneur and founder with 20 years of software development experience (full stack)
Strong focus in hands-on problem solving and high level architecture.

Pioneer in implementing cloud services based solutions for the first German customers, when “the Cloud” wasn’t even known to many people in Germany. Studied applied computer science at TH Cologne.

Dr. Alexander Tourneau

Senior Advisor

Alexander worked for over 14 yrs as a top executive for European insurers, mainly as CFO and Head of Nonlife; he continues to advise insurers and MGAs, partly as member of the respective supervisory board. Alexander worked internationally for companies like BCG for many years. His academic achievements include a PhD in business administration and a civil engineering degree from TU Berlin, currently he teaches insurance management as an assistant professor at Justus-Liebig-University of Gießen.